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Neck Pain Relief Exercise In Boulder, CO

Neck Pain Relief Exercise | Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Boulder, CO

For patients who are having things like neck pain and headaches, what we have them perform are some exercises to help reduce that to help get some blood flow to those muscles.

Neck Exercises to Improve Posture

A lot of times when we’re sitting, and we’re looking at a computer, we’re stuck in one position for a really long time, our muscles start to turn off, our body starts to ache, our head starts to fall forward. So we can use exercises to help regain that it’s a great day to day hour to hour, minute to minute kind of thing that we can do to help move our posture in the right direction. And to prevent things from getting worse things like headaches and neck pain.

Using the Pro-Lordotic Neck Exerciser Band to Help Neck Pain

I have this band that we use, it’s called the Pro-Lordotic neck exerciser band. And what it does is it helps accentuate the curvature and help get the head back at the same time. And the first exercise that we use for that purpose specifically, is to provide a little bit of tension in the band. And then to move our head up and then back at the same time, hold it there for a second and then release and let go of the tension. We’ll do this for typically a set of five to 10 repetitions, where we develop tension, look up, and then press the head back. And what this is doing is it’s getting some of the deep stabilizing muscles of the neck, there are five layers of muscles in the neck that go all the way down towards the spine to help with strength and stability. And when we do these exercises, we’re stimulating all of them to get our spine into a better position. Once we’ve done those exercises, there are some other combinations that we can use, we can also develop tension, pull our head back and start to flex to the left flex to the right. And we can do exercises on both sides to help create more movement in the spine and free up the pressure on the joints. The third tier or third level level of exercises that we’ll do with these bands is again creating tension and then pushing the head back and looking off to the side about as much as we can go releasing tension and then switching sides to help strengthen the neck and relieve pressure.

This is such a great way to get the muscles stronger in the neck and also reduce the pain of things like neck pain and headaches and and fatigue in our bodies. So it’s one of the key components to what we do here in our office to get our patients the best results going forward.

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