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At-Home Low Back Pain Relief In Boulder, CO

At-Home Low Back Pain Relief | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Boulder, CO

Dr. Duff here, and today I’d like to talk about some of the things that we give to our patients for low back pain. Now in our office, after we’ve done an assessment to find what the root cause of the low back pain is, and we start addressing that and working on it, there are still other things that we can do at home to keep us moving in this right direction. And today, I’m going to show you what that is.

We Help You Relieve Low Back Pain with Spinal Orthotic Units

Now after our assessment and we find the root cause we often go over radiographic films or X rays to find out if there are any areas of degeneration or loss of curvature in the spine. So we’ll go through those together, we’ll identify those problem areas in the spine. And then we’ll use our spinal orthotic units to help correct those exact areas so that I can open up the disk space, relieve the pressure of the low back, take pressure off of those nerves and help with things like sciatica, low back pain, sometimes even digestive difficulties. So it looks like this, I have my table set up here. And I’m going to place my hips right on the table and my legs up here on my stool. And this block right here is contoured specifically for my lumbar spine to push in and accentuate that curvature. So I’m going to bring it nice and close to my hips, but not push it into them. And then I’m going to lay back on it, I’m going to let my body shift all the way back. Sometimes I’ll use a block behind me to support that if I can get all the way down, that’s only going to help accentuate the results that we can get here. So after about a couple of minutes, we’ll start building up time so that we can correct the spine more and more. But we have to start off slow, because this can be really challenging for your spine. After a while we’ll come on up shifting off to the side. And just take a minute or two to kind of get back to to normal because these can get pretty aggressive and pretty difficult. So that’s why we always start off with a low amount of time and then begin to build. These can be huge in spinal correction. They’re called Dennerolls. And what they’re doing is they’re actually fixing the ligamentous properties around the spine to achieve true postural correction.

So all of our patients will be fit for a specific Denneroll or spinal orthotic units based off of where their spinal misalignments are, so that they can get the best results going forward.

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