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Keep Learning On How To Sleep More Soundly , Part 2

How Can You Increase Your Magnesium Intake? Take A Bath!

We continue to talk about the health benefits of magnesium, mostly in promoting better sleep.

Do you remember the old folk remedy your grandmother probably prescribed for muscle soreness from over exertion? Take a Bath with Epsom Salts!

So, what are Epsom Salts – Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate – shortened to Epsom Salt because it was first cultivated from a bitter spring at Epsom in Surrey, England.

Grandma Advice That Works:increasing Your Magnesium Intake With A Nightly Salt Soak

How did our grandmothers discover the effects of soaking in a salt (magnesium) bath? That part is unclear. Admittedly, science has wondered how exactly the magnesium is absorbed. But an interesting experiment, done by Dr. Rosemary Waring a biochemist of The University of Birmingham England, proved promising. In her testing she found 16 out of 19 had more magnesium in the blood after soaking than before. Science also admits that inhalation of the salty vapors is another fast track for getting the mineral to work inside the body.

No matter, our grandmothers were right, the bath soaks do help relax tired muscles, and promote more sound sleep. Increasing your magnesium intake with a nightly salt soak provides counter health benefits! Adding essential oils also promotes the emotional relaxation as well which in turn aids physical relaxation. Add a few drops of Lavender or Sandalwood for a relaxing vapor in your bath.

Epsom salts can be found at most grocery stores, drug stores, and gardening centers. It comes in large quantities for affordable prices. Many fancier colored salts, with essential oils already added, priced much higher and packed for your at- home-spa-use are available as well. But your average epsom salts will work just the same.

For body weights between 60-100 pounds, add 1 C of epsom salts. For every 50 pounds over 100 pounds add an additional 1/2 C of salts. The recommended goal time is a minimum of 20 minutes. Remember to rinse your body well after your soak to ensure extra salt or toxins are safely rinsed away. Help your body relax and receive the soreness of day from your muscles and the exhaustion from your mind.

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