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How To Avoid Colds, Flu, Allergies And Ear Infections

How can colds, flu, allergies and ear infection be avoided? Not one of my patients has had an ear infection in 35 years. Really? Yes, it’s actually true! You may wonder, how is that possible? How have none of your patients had any ear infections? I’ll explain.

You know the scenario, you are tired, your throat is sore, you’re feeling fatigued, a little grumpy too….. You sit down at the doctors table and he or she examines you and tells you what you already know…. you’re sick… you have the flu. Then they write your prescription for antibiotics or some other medication to treat the cold itself, not the cause. No one at the doctor’s office really knows what needs to occur in order to prevent this from happening again. What we really want to know is, “why am I sick and why does this keep happening to me?”If your immune system was functioning normally you wouldn’t be sick in the first place. In my 35 years of practice I have never missed a day of practice because I have had a cold or flu or any sickness. The reason is because I do my best to make sure my immune system fires off the way it is supposed to. If you think about all the different types of viruses and bacteria that I am exposed to on a daily basis through treating patients (some of whom are sick on a regular basis), and now with the possibility of ebola and drug-resistant bacteria, it is so important, more than ever in human history, that we need to make sure our immune systems are functioning at as close to 100% as possible.Dr. Ron Pero, a PhD at New York University school of medicine, performed research proving there is a 200% greater immune defence against cancer when our nervous system is functioning normally. Considering that one out of two people will contract cancer, Dr. Pero’s statistic is phenomenal. Why did Dr. Pero find this in his research? Its because your nervous system runs and controls the function of your immune system. Your nervous system (you brain and spinal cord) tells your immune cells how to recognize, kill and destroy a bacteria, a virus, and even cancer cells. Another thing your nervous system tells your immune system is how to recognize and neutralize allergens. Isn’t it so interesting that all of us can breathe the same air, and some of us get allergies and others don’t?Another interesting study by the German medical Society conducted by doctors Gutman M.D.and Fryman M.D. observed 1,250 children with chronic ear infections and/or strep throat infections. Since all of these children had been on several courses of antibiotics. Doctors Gutman and Fryman hypothesized that possibly that the first or second bone in the neck were out of place. This is because the first and second cervical vertebra house and protect the brainstem where the immune system is controlled. These are the bones at the top of our spine. When these are misaligned, many people get headaches. When viewing x-rays, 95% of these children had misalign vertebra at C1 and or C2. When those vertebra were realigned into their normal position, the vast majority of the children in the study never had another problem! In a long-term study published in the Journal of Manual Medicine,1987 all of the above examples boil down once again to one key fact… You’re nervous system is not functioning normally.So the million dollar question is: why isn’t my nervous system functioning normally and what can I do about it?First, make sure your brain can communicate properly with your immune cells by sending signals uninterrupted down your spinal cord and out your nerves to tell you immune cells how to recognize, kill and destroy viruses, bacteria and cancer cells and neutralize allergens.Second, take a look at your posture….is your posture poor? Do you have forward head-postures or one shoulder higher than the other? What about head tilt, scoliosis or a hump back? These are all signs that your spine is misaligned and therefore vertebrae are out of place putting pressure onto your spinal cord and nerves. These are some of the neurological reasons why your immune system may not be functioning normally.Third, on a nutritional level, vitamin D, C, A and Zinc deficiencies can also be an issue for your suppressed immune system.Some final thoughts on helping you create a healthy immune system:

  • Eat a low glycemic index diet by cutting down on sugar, other sweets and grains.
  • Take advantage of our $39 introductory offer to come into our office for a free examination and get your posture checked.

You’ll also receive a half hour massage and we’ll see how we can help you. Call 303-440-0500 to schedule an appointment today.Lots of love,Dr. Doug Terry

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