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Hold On Ebola: How Bolstering Your Immune System Can Help You Avoid Disease

Franklin D. Roosevelt stated during a very dark time in US history “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Many people in the United States at that time did not even know where their next meal was going to come from. They had lost everything in the stock market, jobs were few and far between, people literally were jumping to their death because of being overcome by the despair of their loss. And yet, there were those who stepped forward and persevered. Those who saw the possibilities, didn’t focus on the negatives, and ended up prospering during the 1930s.Certainly we all need to be concerned about an infection of Ebola coming into our country, but our vision needs to be on the possibilities and the opportunities that this gives us as individuals and as a country to focus on the things we need to do to get healthier. There is no doubt that Ebola is a serious, potentially fatal disease; yet if we do what is necessary to increase the function of our immune systems (so our immune systems can function the way God created them to function) we have nothing to fear but fear itself.The fear mongers who are pushing for a new Ebola vaccination don’t dare tell you that studies at New York University school of medicine show that when we have a healthy nervous system our immune response/competence to cancer increases between 2% – 400%. Wow! So that’s awesome for anybody you know who may have cancer. They need to get their nervous system functioning at the highest level possible. Remember that our nervous system consists of our brain, spinal cord and nerves and that it’s the only organ in the body that has a protective bony encasement. Hmm…. That should be a hint. Why did God place protective bony encasement around the skull, spine and around the nervous system but not around any other organ in the body? Answer. Because it runs and controls the function of every single cell and organ in your body including your immune cells and system.In the 1957 study on posture (the position of our spines) the American medical Association found that abnormal posture (including rounded back, forward head posture, un-leveled hips, forward hip tilt, head tilt, and low shoulders) resulted in decreased quality of life and a shortened lifespan. Why would they find that? When the bones in our spine misaligned, the spinal cord and the nerves diminish life-giving electrical impulses to the cells of the body. The opposite of life is death. So when we have abnormal posture we’re cutting off life-giving impulses keeping cells from functioning properly. They will begin degeneration silently overtime. Once that cellular degeneration reaches a critical mass, that organ can’t function the way it is supposed to and now you have symptoms.Think about your heart. Your heart can degenerate slowly over a period of time and once the degeneration in the heart muscle gets bad enough what happens? You have a heart attack! Scientifically this is the death of the heart muscle. Remember, the majority of the time degeneration occurs silently.This example is true for every part of our body since the immune system delivers life and makes a part of the body alive. Remember the brains major job is to heal and regenerate; not degenerate. So this example holds true for every system of our body including our immune system. How can our immune system recognize, kill and destroy bacteria and viruses when it’s not getting all of its life giving electrical impulses? It can’t! There are numerous other studies proving that to have a healthy immune system we need a healthy nervous system.In our next blog we will talk about other things that will increase our immune response through a study showing that certain nutrients are more effective than flu shots (some very helpful information). For now see how your posture looks? Ask your spouse, your kids, your best friend. Do I have forward head posture or high shoulders, do they? Are my hips cocked forward so my buttocks is sticking out, is theirs? These are all signs that you or your loved ones have abnormal positioning of your spinal bones. Take advantage of our $39 immune system special and come in and lets get you aligned.Lots of love,Dr. Doug Terry

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