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10 Reasons Healthy Kids See a Chiropractor

In honor of David Letterman (I recently saw him on the street and got excited, but then when I got closer realized it definitely wasn’t him), I’m sharing one of my favorite Top 10 lists.

Top 10 Reasons Parents Take Their Kids to See a Chiropractor

10. To assist with bed-wetting and sleep issues

We could just stop here, and it’d be enough. Imagine as a parent getting a full eight hours, heck we’d take six, without the worry that we’ll be jolted awake by a sweet angel who had an accident or can’t sleep through the night.


A more thoughtful approach to healthcare. That’s all.

9. To help alleviate digestive problems

Up to 20% of children suffer from constipation, which seems particularly cruel for a population just learning how to use a toilet.

Chiropractic care can help normalize nerve supply to the bowel and bladder to improve digestive function naturally, without drugs or surgery!

8. To assist with behavioral disorders and enhance emotional wellbeing

No one has a worse attitude than a teenager. And they can’t always help it. I mean, this is what their hormones look like:


Adjustments help relieve stress and regulate the chaos magic that is an adolescent’s brain.

7. To improve concentration

My sister-in-law sent a text to the family thread the other day. It was a video of my 3-year-old nephew talking about a dream he had. As he told her about a white rabbit foraging in his bed the previous night, he stopped mid-sentence, his eyes glazed over, and started picking his nose, forgetting that he was in the middle of a story with riveting plot development.

My sister-in-law rushed him to the chiropractor and later found out the white rabbit was actually green.

6. To improve spinal posture

Moms, and nuns, always tell us to sit up straight – a warning I hope we all heeded. Poor posture can wreak havoc on our overall health. Proper posture improves our respiratory and cardiovascular capabilities, reduces abnormal stress on our joints, and even boosts our mood and confidence! Learning good posture at an early age will prevent premature degeneration of our bones and joints and help us take those good habits into adulthood.

5. To help with asthma, allergies, and breathing difficulties

Asthma is more prevalent now than ever before due to a combination of inherited risks and environmental allergens. Chiropractic adjustments help regulate respiration and improve lung capacity (by improving posture) so kids can take full, deep breaths.

4. To help with colic

Colic is heartbreaking to watch. It’s heartbreaking to watch an inconsolable child be unable to get comfortable, and it’s heartbreaking to watch a parent “just wait it out.”


Chiropractors can correct subluxations in the lower back and pelvis to relieve stress and allow children to expel gas to finally find comfort. It’s comforting for the child and the parent. Honestly, maybe more so the parent.

3. To reduce the incidence of ear infections

80% of children get an ear infection before they turn three. It might as well be 100%. Misalignments in the cervical spine can affect nerve supply to the muscles that allow the inner ear to drain. When these muscles don’t contract like they’re supposed to, there’s an accumulation of fluid, leading to an infection. Correcting these misalignments restores proper drainage and reduces the frequency and severity of ear infections…and trips to the pediatrician to chip away at the deductible.

2. To strengthen immunity and enhance their child’s overall health and well-being

Kids are disgusting. There’s no way to sugarcoat it.


They are adorable little incubators. Part of their pathogen accumulation is to develop a robust immune system they can take with them into adulthood. There is no better way to improve immunity than fortifying the body’s control center – the nervous system. A great way to save money on healthcare is not to get sick.


1. To maximize their child’s neural plasticity

Neural plasticity is the brain’s ability to change and reorganize itself. Without this capability, a person is stuck with the maturity level of an infant for the rest of their life. Real-life examples of this are:




All children should have the ability to grow into functioning adults.
The nervous system is the master control center of the body. If its communication channels are damaged or distorted, our brain gets all sorts of error messages. In babies and children, ineffective communication looks like colic, the inability to breastfeed, poor sleep, developmental delays, digestion issues, asthma, behavioral problems, low energy, inability to concentrate, headaches, etc.

It’s like trying to fold a fitted sheet with a blindfold on. Before we know it, we’ve straight-jacketed ourselves in the sheets, fed chocolate to the dog thinking it was peanut butter, and ordered a year subscription to Peacock.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big spine or a lil’ one, nerve distress gets in the way of the body’s ability to function at its best. In no one is this more important than a child whose body is still developing and creating a baseline of health.

The birthing process is not always easy.


From the moment we’re born, our body goes through a crazy amount of physical changes. Misalignments can occur quickly and affect our body’s most critical operational functions. Preventative chiropractic care helps ensure proper development throughout a child’s life. Call us or schedule a time to meet with one of our amazing doctors. We want to set up each child with the capability to exceed their potential!

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