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Treatment for Lower Back Pain In Boulder, CO

Great Treatment for Lower Back Pain | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Boulder, CO

Hey guys, Dr. Duff here, and today we’re going to talk about some of the treatments that we use for low back pain.

Assessing the Root Cause of Your Low Back Pain

So some of our patients that have low back pain, the first thing that we’ll do is assess what the root cause of the low back pain is. And once we identify what the root causes, we can start getting to the treatment. Now some of the treatment includes things like the chiropractic adjustments, that’s a great way to start getting people to clear the inflammation out, gets a healing better and get to feeling better. One of the key aspects that we use here in the office is our standing lumbar traction. Now the standing lumbar traction, we have an example here we have Joelle setup, and one of the things that we do is we can end we can start to open up the lumbar spine and take pressure off things like the discs and take pressure off the joints in the spine by helping accentuate that curvature for patients that qualify for it. And here’s a great example of a setup for the lumbar traction. We have Joel shoulders held back to kind of create some stability, as well as the hips. And then we’re opening up the lumbar spine here with a forward facing pole to help create space in the discs.

Traction to Help Relieve Pressure on Discs

Now one of the examples here with my spine model is when we start to accentuate the curvature in the lumbar spine, the discs open up and we can get more hydration throughout the discs, which means more movement along the spine, reducing the irritation that occurs throughout the nerves. And what we do with this is we start off with just a few minutes to get his body used to the traction. And then we’ll build up time slowly. And then what happens over time is we can permanently correct the posture of the low back by stretching the musculotendinous ligaments around the spine to achieve full time better posture. And in this process, it does happen slowly and it takes a little bit of relaxing of the muscles, but eventually the patients start to kind of settle into it and it feels really nice. This can help with the day to day pain as well as fixing the issue overall from the source and the root cause of where it’s happening in the low back looking at the lumbar spine.

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