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Terry Chiropractic Boulder Corrects Posture in Boulder, CO

How Terry Chiropractic Boulder Corrects Posture | Chiropractor for Posture in Boulder, CO

Hey guys, Dr. Duff here with Dr. Emery. Today we’re going to talk about posture. It’s this really broad term that we use to apply all the different parts of our body, how we stand, how we sit, and how that can affect our health.

How We Check Your Posture and Treat Poor Posture

Now we’ve a lot of patients that come in and ask about how my posture is, or I’ve always noticed, my posture is off. And so do as we start with an evaluation to see where the posture is at, because believe it or not, a lot of our patients come in, and they’re dealing with things like forward head posture, where I know it seems silly, but their head is dips forward really far, or they’ve got other shifts or twists in their body. And then what we do is really, we can relate that to what’s happening in their overall muscles and their overall health and how that affects that their nervous system. So when we look at posture, we always compare the hips to the feet, and then the ribcage to the hips, and then the head to the ribcage. And just between the hips, the feet, the ribcage in the head, there’s 64 million different postures that we can have. So no, no one posture is unique. However, we do see postures that are very common throughout society, like we mentioned earlier, things like forward head posture, the hips starting to dip forward, so on and so forth. So what we do here at the office is we evaluate for posture by looking at it first and lining up those different things from the front from the side to see where those postural misalignments may be. We also talked about how that can affect your overall health. And then we talked about what we can do to fix it so that we can get all of the bones in the normal position, we can take pressure off of the muscles and off of the joints, and we can prevent further decay and degeneration, as our posture falls out of its normal position.

Misalingnments, Subluxations and Posture Correction

So in this world, and in this life that we live in, there’s really, if we had to define posture to dynamic interaction between two forces, and one of them is gravity, right, which brings us down to Earth at all times. And the other one is the strength and stability of our posture to withstand gravity. So if I’m coming in, or Dr. Emery is coming in, and she’s got a subluxation, or way off to the side here, we know that gravity is beating her her ability to withstand against gravity, the strength of our spine, is that a fault and we know that that’s where the weakness may be. This is why we call posture as the window into our spine and our nervous system is because we can start to identify where these misalignments and where these weaknesses can be. Now we are able to fix posture here every single day and it’s one of the emphasis is of this practice.

So we’re kind of the specialists into fixing posture through things like adjustments, we also utilize traction we use homecare devices, and we also use exercises. So these are some of the things that we can help identify, evaluate and help with posture with here at the office.

Terry Chiropractic Boulder

The team at TCB creates a smooth experience to hlep you identify your problems and create a solution to help you overcome any health struggles. The in depth examination, full spine analysis, use of radiographic imaging, and extensive treatment will help unleash the energy inside the body to heal and be happy.

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