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Healing Digestive Issues With Chiropractic Care

Join The Long List Of Dr. Terry’s Patients That Have Healed Gerd, Ibs And Other Gi Tract Problems

When you have stomach ache or constantly suffer from bloating and constipation, most likely the last place you’d look for help is in a Chiropractic clinic. “What do some spine twists and cracks have to do with my gut?” -you may think!In fact, an experienced and highly trained chiropractor such as Dr. Terry can do a lot more to help you truly healyour gastro intestinal tract problems, than just dealing with the symptoms like you usually do with traditional medicine. Many of our happy customers came to Terry Chiropractic Health Center in Boulder because of different digestive issues, having tried everything else with no real results.

If you or someone you care about suffers from any digestive problem that is upsetting their general health and lifestyle, don’t wait any longer! Call us now at 303-440-0500 for a FREE Exam + Consultation to see how we can help you!

How Can Chiropractic Help With Digestive Issues?

The digestive system can weaken, work improperly and fall prey to a multitude of diseases, such as Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constipation, you name it! The job of the chiropractor in this case is to ensure that the stomach and the rest of the digestive system -as well as all the other organs of the body- are receiving an unobstructed nerve supply. This promotes body harmony, enhanced ability to cope with stress and improved resistance to disease.Thus, we focus on correcting bad posture and on getting your spine back into its normal position. So you see, we don’t just crack your back, we work with on your nutrition system to get your body into optimal condition. These two aspects of your health are vital to create overall well-being.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Good Health With The Best Cbp Chiropractic Clinic In Boulder!

Welcome to Terry Chiropractic Health Center in Boulder, CO! We are one of the few Chiropractic offices around the world utilizing procedures and techniques that are “on the cutting edge” of Chiropractic and the health care industry. This is a highly trained Chiropractic office specializing in Chiropractic-Biophysics (CBP), Applied Kinesiology (AK), Nutritional Counseling, and Exercise and Weight-Loss Programs.Our patient testimonials will testify to the quality and success of the care we provide. We don’t want to simply manage the issues you are experiencing, we want to correct them! Stay tuned with our news, videos and healthcare posts through all of our channels: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

Terry Chiropractic Boulder

The team at TCB creates a smooth experience to hlep you identify your problems and create a solution to help you overcome any health struggles. The in depth examination, full spine analysis, use of radiographic imaging, and extensive treatment will help unleash the energy inside the body to heal and be happy.

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