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Heal Faster With Low Level Laser In Boulder, CO

Heal Faster With Low Level Laser | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Boulder, CO

Dr. Duff here and today we’re going to talk about how we can eliminate pain in the body and headaches in the neck and in the low back, utilizing Low Level Laser Therapy.

Faster Recovery and Healing with Low Level Laser Therapy

Now this is a device that we use for our patients who are either a little bit slower to heal or need a little bit extra help, or they have issues that need a little bit of a deeper look. The low level laser therapy will penetrate into the tissues and help get the mitochondria of the cells to produce more ATP and give more healing energy to our body. It’s so great for healing nerves, healing muscles, healing the spine, healing the discs, and it really penetrates deeply in to help our patients get the most out of the care that they receive here.

How Low Level Laser Therapy Works

Now the way it works is we have our device over here. And what it does is it emits a shine of light at 635 nanometers, which is really good for that wavelength to get into the deeper parts of the body. And it is so magical for our patients. And it’s not something that you’re going to feel it’s not going to be like a hot laser or burn you or anything, it just kind of gets in there and some patients don’t notice anything or they might notice a little bit of energy getting to that area. And then the after effects are so awesome to help heal the body over time. Let me give you an example of what it looks like here. So the laser is set up off to the side, I’m going to start the laser on his hip just to give you an idea of where it is and where it’s supposed to go and what it looks like. And as you can see here, we’re kind of targeting this left hip area, and we’re centering it right in this area but also getting some of the branches off to the side. And this laser therapy will run for about three minutes at a time. And we’ll typically do about three or four rounds of it for a total of nine to 12 minutes. And that’s what the research says is the best to help us regenerate those cells in the body to get more healing energy going through. And it’s so awesome for areas like the low back but also the neck and causing things causing pain or discomfort with the headaches. So we’ll use it in many different areas depending on where our patients are feeling that discomfort the most.

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