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Chiropractic Adjustments for Lower Back Pain In Boulder, CO

Chiropractic Adjustments for Lower Back Pain | Chiropractor for Low Back Pain in Boulder, CO

Hey guys, Dr. Duff here and today we’re going to focus on what are some of the treatments or adjustments that we can use to help with things like low back pain.

Adjustments for Low Back Pain

Now adjustments are one of the greatest ways to help reduce low back pain. By removing interference in the spine and in the nervous system and helping bodies not only function better in their joints, but also helping restore power through the nervous system to take that irritation off. Now, when patients are on the table, I have my example here, there are a couple of different things that we can do, one of the key aspects to these adjustments is going to be using the drop tables. So these tables will pop up. And then what happens is, now we’ve created space to make a shift in the spine. So we can help either counter rotate the pelvis, or we can clear right through a joint to release that pressure and irritation off. So it’s nice and gentle, we just make some contact here, and then pass down. And what happens is, the body starts to pick up on where these pressures and forces are. And it can help restore the strength and power through the joints. It can help counter rotate all the rotations in the pelvis. And it can really help to identify where these these sources of pain are and help correct them.

Using the ArthroStim for Low Back Pain

There’s another thing that we use when people are on the table here and one of the key aspects is our adjusting instrument. And this is a high powered kind of vibration instrument that will help kind of soften up some of the muscles and soft tissues around the spine. As well as signal the joints in the muscles and the receptors in the muscles and the receptors in the joints and communicate with the brain to help us identify where we’re supposed to be as far as our posture and where we’re supposed to be in space. So we run this up and down the spine. And many of our patients love the feeling of this. This is called the ArthroStim. It’s one of the state of the art adjusting instruments out there in chiropractic today, and really helps with low low back pain.

Side Posture Adjustment

Now there’s one more that we can do when it comes to low back pain. And this is more of a aggressive or hands on type of movement here. So go ahead and lay on your side facing me. A lot of times shifts in the pelvis create these distortions that can make it feel like we’re walking around a little funny or there’s a hitch in our idea. And one of the key adjustments we can do is the side posture adjustment, where we brace and stabilize the upper body and we can bring the hips and pelvis over towards us. And then what we do is we bring it down into this position and then we apply a bit of force and pressure down to the hips left that out. And sometimes they’ll do a pop or a click or a release and that’s going to open up that pressure. Go Ahead lay on your back now.

There are many other adjustments that we do depending on what the patient is presenting with. But these are some great ideas to help with things like low back pain, hip pain or pain down into the legs.

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