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Scoliosis Relief With Traction in Boulder, CO

Scoliosis Relief With Traction | Chiropractor for Posture in Boulder, CO

Hey guys, Dr. Jeff here with Dr. Emery and today we’re going to talk about posture and how we can fix it with some of the things that we use here in the office. Now she’s already set up in one of her traction setups.

Spinal Rehabilitation With Traction for Scoliosis Relief

So for our patients who qualify, they can undergo spinal rehabilitation. And a lot of times, what we do is we assess posture by looking at different areas of the head, the mid back, the low back, and even in comparison to the feet. And we find these different shifts in these abnormal abnormalities. And what we do is we assess whether they are postural whether they’re structural and or they’re being pulled over by tight muscles. And when we assess them, sometimes we find that they’re very structural, and it requires a little bit more to really fix them. So many of our patients that have come in and have tried or attempted to fix their scoliosis is in different options in different offices and haven’t had success have seen success by undergoing these traction devices.

How Traction Treatment Works for Scoliosis

So when a patient comes in, that has a scoliosis, say it’s in the lumbar spine, and it’s shifting off to the side this way. Now, this creates a lot of problems, and not only the hips, but also the upper back area. So in essence, what we’re trying to do here is strapped down the pelvis, for support, and strapped on the shoulder for support so that we can work directly into that curvature area. So essentially, what we’re trying to do is, is take some pressure off of that scoliosis, undo that curvature and start to get used to the opposite position. And that’s how we can attempt to correct the scoliosis. So we have all these nice straps right here to make sure it’s nice and snug in there. But really, we’re doing it for a sustained period of time. That’s really what’s the most important because exercises and adjustments alone are not enough to fix something like a scoliosis, it takes a little bit more work. And by achieving some ligamentous and muscle stretching, we’re able to actually get these curvatures to go from their 20 or 30 degree curve, sometimes even to lessen. And it depends on exactly how often they’re doing it and so many other factors. But we have seen success in the scoliosis patients who actually do undergo traction. So again, this is for patients who don’t have just postural distortion that needs just some repositioning or some muscle strengthening. These are more of the structural issues that we want to address. And for those, we start to bring out things like these straps on the table so that we can really try and make an emphasis on changing those curvatures long term.

I hope this helps. If you want any other ideas or suggestions on how in the office we can help and treat posture. Go ahead and feel free to scroll around the rest of the page and look at another video.

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