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Growing Pains is Not a Real Diagnosis in Boulder, CO

“Growing Pains” is Not a Real Diagnosis | Pediatric Chiropractor in Boulder, CO

Hello, everyone! Dr. Duff here from TCB Chiropractic. Today, I want to shed some light on the notion of  why growing pains is not a real diagnosis. Often, pediatricians attribute various discomforts, particularly in the legs, shins, knees, or hips of growing children, to growing pains. However, I believe it’s crucial to recognize that growing pains lack the specificity required for an accurate diagnosis.

Comprehensive Examination for Real Answers

When a concerned parent brings their child to TCBY Chiropractic, we embark on a comprehensive examination journey. This involves a meticulous postural check and a series of orthopedic and neurological tests. Our goal is to pinpoint the genuine cause behind the symptoms, rather than brushing them off as vague growing pains.

Understanding Growing Pains

Growing pains in children can manifest as joint discomfort in various areas, spanning from the legs to the spine, shoulders, and even the neck. The uneven development of the spine, particularly the growth plates, can contribute to these sensations. It’s essential to consider that growth doesn’t always happen symmetrically on both sides, leading to potential confusion about the source of discomfort.

Possible Causes and Solutions

Asymmetrical development in children is a common contributor to growing pains. While asymmetry is a natural part of growth, it can sometimes result in pain and discomfort during adolescence. At TCBY Chiropractic, we don’t advocate for a “wait and see” approach. Instead, we offer tangible solutions based on our examination findings.

Chiropractic Solutions for Growing Pains

Our approach involves correcting any asymmetries we identify, particularly in the pelvis and legs. By addressing these asymmetries through adjustments, exercises, and, at times, traction, we aim to facilitate pain-free development for children. Resting or adopting a passive stance isn’t the only option – we believe in taking proactive measures to ensure optimal development.

Posture and Symmetry for Preventive Care

Lastly, we emphasize the importance of symmetry and posture. The growth plates influence our height development at different times, potentially causing postural distortions. Correcting these distortions helps stress the growth plates evenly, fostering a more structurally sound and symmetrical development, thereby preventing so-called “growing pains.”

If you’re witnessing your child struggle with growing pains, it’s worthwhile to consult with a chiropractor. A thorough examination, consideration of body symmetry, and a focus on posture evaluation can unravel the real reasons behind the discomfort and pave the way for effective solutions. Don’t settle for vague diagnoses – opt for a proactive approach to your child’s well-being.

Terry Chiropractic Boulder

The team at TCB creates a smooth experience to hlep you identify your problems and create a solution to help you overcome any health struggles. The in depth examination, full spine analysis, use of radiographic imaging, and extensive treatment will help unleash the energy inside the body to heal and be happy.

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