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Forward Head Posture Linked To Depression

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 1 in 6 Americans have prescriptions to one or more psychiatric drugs. That is huge – but you don’t need a statistic from the JAMA to realize that depression and anxiety problems are an epidemic in the US. Everywhere you turn there seems to be people suffering from the same problem – whether it’s family members, friends, or coworkers, we all know somebody on an antidepressant. Obviously, as a society we haven’t yet pinpointed the exact causes of depression – because if we did, psychotropic drugs would not be a six billion dollar industry. Some argue that depression is caused by the increase in the use of social media and technology, while others say that it is connected to diet. The good news is that over the past 15 years, sales of these drugs has gone down by 60% from 15 billion dollars in 2003 to the current six billion. This could be due to the fact the people are realizing that the side effects of these drugs outweigh the benefits. It is also possible that people are seeking alternative treatments to cure their depression rather than being a slave to big pharma. The truth is, almost every single doctor who has created alternative treatment continues to ignore the real cause of depression: forward head posture.

The Real Cause Of Depression

What if I told you that the real cause of depression is rooted in poor posture? It sounds a little far fetched, right? Well, recent studies have irrefutably linked forward head posture to depression in adults. In 2007, the Society of Nuclear Medicine conducted a study in order to find the “hows” and “whys” of brain dysfunction. The study revealed that, “Individuals in a depressed emotional state have impaired cerebral (brain) blood flow.” In other words, people with depression are not getting the proper amount of cerebral blood flow. In 2016, Medical Science Monitor published a study in the International Medical Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research that linked forward head posture to loss of blood flow to the brain. The study stated in its conclusion, “The present study revealed a significant association between loss of cervical lordosis and decreased vertebral artery hemodynamics, including diameter, flow volume, and peak systolic velocity.” In other words, when the natural curvature in your neck is lost due to forward head posture, then the ability of the vertebral artery to get blood to the brain is decreased. Bringing this full circle, forward head posture decreases brain blood flow which has been strongly linked to depression. This is the real reason why so many people are depressed in the US. The cause is not as nebulas as diet or societal conditions – it is simply caused by the bad postural habits we practice that cause forward head posture. Click Here to get 3 tips to instantly improve your posture – and begin the journey of elevating your depression through posture correction.

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