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Diagnosing Immune System Disorders in Boulder, CO

Diagnosing Immune System Disorders | Chiropractor for Wellness in Boulder, CO

Hello, everyone. Dr. Duff and Dr. Emery here from TCB Chiropractic. Today, we want to discuss diagnosing immune system disorders and shed light on our approach in the office.

Complete Health Consultation

When a patient schedules an appointment with us, the initial step involves a comprehensive health history. Understanding the patient’s concerns, frequency of illnesses, and overall health is crucial. Many people experience immune system-related issues, such as frequent illnesses or heightened stress levels, and we aim to address these concerns during the health history.Moving forward, we conduct a series of exams to identify areas of nervous system interference. This involves checking for misalignments or subluxations in the spine that may affect the functioning of organs linked to the immune system, such as the lymphatic system, spleen, thyroid gland, thymus gland, and others.

Individual Assessments

During the exam, we assess posture, joint motion, and nerve strength in the upper back and neck. These indicators help us understand how misalignments may be impacting the nervous system and, consequently, immune system function. As we begin care and monitor progress, we regularly inquire about changes in the patient’s health. Questions like, “Have you been getting sick as often?” allow us to gauge improvements in immune system function. Over time, as patients receive adjustments and address misalignments, they often notice positive changes in immune function and overall well-being. In addition to immune system considerations, we also evaluate the impact of misalignments on pain and discomfort. Inflammation associated with misalignments can contribute to various symptoms, and addressing these issues contributes to overall progress.

These are some of the ways we detect and address immune system disorders in our office. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. Explore our website and watch more videos for a detailed understanding of our approach. We look forward to helping you on your health journey!

Terry Chiropractic Boulder

The team at TCB creates a smooth experience to hlep you identify your problems and create a solution to help you overcome any health struggles. The in depth examination, full spine analysis, use of radiographic imaging, and extensive treatment will help unleash the energy inside the body to heal and be happy.

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