How Women Can Make Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Part of A Daily Routine

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How Women Can Make Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Part of A Daily Routine

In our last post on Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, 5 Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea For Women, we introduced you to the herbal remedy known as “The Women’s Tonic”. There are many reasons to add herbal remedies to your health-care tool box. This herb is rich in trace minerals – the micro nutrients that our body needs in smaller amounts daily, but are still vital to many body processes.

How much Red Raspberry Leaf Tea should I drink?

For non- pregnant women: Up to 4 cups per day will safely allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits of overall hormonal health this herb can provide.

For pregnant women: Consult your midwife or obstetrician first. But, there has been promising research to show that a habit of drinking 4 cups daily (and more) RRLT can reduce nausea during pregnancy, increase milk supply, and lessen the length of active labor. As always do not begin a regimen of any vitamins supplements or herbal remedies during pregnancy without consulting your physician. There has also be emerging research among alternative medical practitioners to to show increased fertility with the regular use of RRLT.

Where can you find Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

You can find a box of individual tea bags of RRLT in the natural section of the grocery store. You can also purchase the leaves from a bulk herb seller. Loose leaf is bought by the pound and is much more economical. One pound of leaves can result in nearly 200 cups of tea depending on how strong you like it. You can literally just take a “vitamin” of red raspberry leaf tea in capsule form. These can be purchased in a bottle in your natural foods grocery or in your local vitamin shop. Be sure to choose a reliable brand and follow the instructions for dosage.

Herbal Tea Remedies

How to prepare Red Raspberry Leaf Tea:

For 1 Cup, use a tea infusion ball. Spoon 1 Tbs of loose leaves into the ball and submerge in 1 mug full of hot water. Let steep 2 – 3 minutes.

For 2-3 Mugs of Tea – In a French Press spoon 3 tbs. of leaves into the hot water of the French Press. Let steep for 3 minutes the slowly plunge.

For a gallon  – Add 3/4 to 1 C. of leaves per 1 Galon of boiling water. Add the loose leaves to the boiling water and turn off the heat. Allow to step for 3 minutes then strain the leaves with a cheesecloth or muslin.

To Sweeten: Use honey or stevia. (Note:  If you intend to drink your RRLT in a regular regimen of 3-4 cups per day to enjoy the you may want to give thought the amount of sweetener you use.)

Red Raspberry Leaf  Tea is high in these bio available vitamins and minerals:

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