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Asana and Adjustments: How Yoga Complements Chiropractic Care

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Asana and Adjustments: How Yoga Complements Chiropractic Care

Yoga: we love it for the calmness it brings us, the excellent stretch it provides, and the comfortable clothing we get to wear while we practice it. But one aspect of yoga that is often overlooked is the wonderful complement it provides to chiropractic care. While all forms of exercise can improve the health of […]

What to Do When You Have Whiplash

How Do You Get Whiplash? It can happen to anybody at anytime. You might be in your car, driving somewhere when suddenly you come to a red light. You come to a stop, but the person behind you wasn’t paying attention – and they hit your car from behind. Your car jolts forward and forces your […]

Five Reasons You’re Not Sleeping Well – and How CBP Chiropractic Can Help!

Trouble Sleeping? We’ve all been there: lying in bed after a long day, trying to fall asleep but unable to doze off and get the rest we so desperately need. You already know what you can experience when you don’t get enough sleep: lack of mental clarity, decreased athletic performance, increased appetite and sugar cravings, […]

Depression and SSRI Drugs

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 1 in 5 Americans are taking medication to treat depression and anxiety – and the numbers are rising. SSRI drugs including Celexa, Lexapro, Cipralex, Paxil, Seroxat, Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft, and Lustral are big business as more and more Americans obtain prescriptions for these medications. Many times, […]

Sciatica Treatment in Boulder CO

What is Sciatica? Sciatica is a condition where the sciatic nerve becomes impinged which can potentially cause a host of symptoms in the legs including pain, burning, tingling, and numbness. The condition is fairly common, affecting millions of Americans every year. As a result, many theories of the causes and potential treatments have been put […]

Fatigue and Brain Fog

Brain Fog and Fatigue Treatment in Boulder Colorado In western culture, the more technology advances, the busier we become. People are constantly looking for ways they can make their activities more efficient – where they can complete more tasks in less time. Some have resorted to minimizing their sleep in order to get an extra hour […]

How to Fix Osteoarthritis in the Spine

What is Arthritis? Most of us grew up being warned by family and friends not to pop our knuckles because it causes arthritis. It sounds like a scary word, and we all know to associate it with aging and joint pain. However, there is a very small number of us who know what arthritis actually […]

Forward Head Posture Linked to Depression

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 1 in 6 Americans have prescriptions to one or more psychiatric drugs. That is huge – but you don’t need a statistic from the JAMA to realize that depression and anxiety problems are an epidemic in the US. Everywhere you turn there seems to be people suffering from […]

Neck Pain and Tingling Hands from Riding Your Bike? This Will Help

Boulder Chiropractor Explains Why Bikers Experience Neck Pain and Tingling in Hands Click Here for 3 tips to improve posture  Posture is the Missing Link Everybody knows that diet and exercise are paramount when it comes to your health – but what if I told you that posture is just as important? Poor posture has been […]

How to Help Degenerated Disc Tissue in the Spine

Disc degeneration is becoming more and more prominent in our society due to poor postural habits, poor sleeping habits, and minor trauma from sports, car accidents, etc. It seems like everywhere you turn you see somebody that has disc problems in their back. This article will describe a method of healthcare (CBP) that has been proven […]

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I reached a breaking point earlier last year when I experienced a migraine for about three months. Since I have been coming to see Dr. Terry I have been migraine free for four months. Not one migraine – it’s magic.
- Julie

After one month of coming in for tractions and adjustments my headaches went away– and now after several months of traction with the spine, the curvature in my neck is back in a normal range.
- Caitlin

My experience with chiropractors spans over a decade and the experience with Dr. Terry has been amazing. He is irreplaceable. He knows exactly how to fix my back.
- Vanessa

I am already seeing more clearly– I was having incredible challenges with my vision, with my digestion with my brain function and my energy levels…
- Tasha

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