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Any parent knows that when your child hurts you hurt. Let me tell you the story of Chayla our One in a Million Child.

When I was pregnant with Chayla they found that she had implanted on my cervix, instead of inside my uterus. They told me there was a one in a million chance that I would be able to keep the pregnancy and carry her to term. It was a difficult pregnancy and the last 4 months of the pregnancy I was bed ridden. It was during this time that Chayla’s challenges began. She was not getting the in-utero movement that she needed for her spine to develop correctly. In the spring of 2000 I delivered a tiny, beautiful little girl. It was only a matter of weeks before we began to realize that our little girl was struggling and in pain.

She had severe colic for 11 months. Since I was nursing her I changed my diet to help her. I started eliminating foods that might be upsetting her digestion. I kept eliminating foods until I was basically eating only meat and rice. All this helped, but my child still cried out in pain every day and every night. I knew she was hurting and I hurt for her. Our whole family felt her pain.

By the time she turned 18 months she weighed only 19 lbs. The long term effects of her problems with digestion, constipation and diarrhea were beginning to show that this was something much more serious than just colic. In May 2002 after a severe bout with diarrhea, she lost 4 lbs. in 3 weeks and weighed only 15 lbs. Thus we began our quest for answers to what was wrong and what we could to do to help our little Chayla.

We took her to several medical doctors, who sent us to hospitals for testing. Two of the hospitals “overlooked” her condition. In other words, they missed it completely. We tried every medication they suggested. We tried herbs and acupressure. Chayla still wasn’t growing and was constantly in pain.

Finally, in September of 2003 with Chayla weighing only 22 ½ lbs. we went to Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital where they found inflammation on her intestine that was 5-7 inches long, in other words she had “Crohn’s Disease”, for which there is currently no know cure. In November of 2003 they took 32 biopsies and even did surgery to remove an infected lymph node cluster on her intestine. They still didn’t know how to help her. In February of 2004 they sent us to Boston Massachusetts General due to the severity of her case and the fact that she was so young and so small. There goal was to help her grow. They tried several things and eventually they gave us pain medication and told us to use it to manage her pain, and sent us home.

In October of 2003 a dear friend told me about Dr. Terry and said he could help. I don’t have to tell you that by that point I was so disillusioned with doctors that I was more than doubtful that he could help, but my child was in pain and I had to try anything that might work, so we went in to see Dr. Terry. The first thing he said as he examined her and felt her stomach is “she’s not digesting well is she?” I was shocked and surprised, I said “Yes, that’s correct”, and he said “I can help that.” He explained how subluxatons in the spine prevent the body from working the way it’s supposed to and that with adjustments he could correct the mis-alignments in her spine and her body would begin to heal itself. I wasn’t sure about all that, but what I was sure about was that after he adjusted her, she stopped crying. Her pain seamed to let up. Each time we came in I witnessed the same results. The adjustments stopped the pain, at first for just a while, then, as we kept coming the relief lasted longer. I wasn’t sure what changes were occurring in her spine, but I know that after each adjustment, for a few hours my child didn’t hurt.

Now, when we say we are going to see Dr. Terry we call it “Pain Therapy”. Chayla is now pain free for several hours after each adjustment. We only give her pain medicine at night now to help her sleep, and we hope one day she won’t even need that. She has gained 4 lbs in the last 3 months, and has grown ½ inch in the last 4 months. She even woke up one night recently not because she was in pain, but because she was hungry. What a change, what a blessing. Chayla is on the road to health. We know, we see that chiropractic works.

God’s touch through Dr. Terry’s hands has eased Chayla’s physical pain and our emotional pain.

– Melissa S. (Chayla’s Mom)

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In October of 2005, doctors gave me three EKG’s STATING I was having a heart attack. Another doctor agreed it was muscle spasm and gave me pills and told me to use heat. In June of 2006 I had another episode and again they gave me pills and the doctor said to quit my job cutting hair. I was going to Medical Assisting School, so I wasn’t cutting hair that much which relieved some of the pain. In November of 2006, I went back to full time hair cutting. I also did an internship in medical assisting. In January of 2007, I was unable to move my arm. I lived on pills from a neighbor. By the end of the day of hair cutting I couldn’t even undress. I needed help! I was in tears ALL the time. No one understood. I had tried medical doctor’s, drug therapy and acupuncture! NOTHING WORKED! THE PAIN WAS SO EXCRUTIATING! I was unable to cough, sneeze, suck through a straw or eat without pain. It hurt when I swallowed and I couldn’t turn my head to the left or right without hurting. It even hurt to walk! My Active Life was no longer! A friend kept telling me to go to her chiropractor, Dr. Terry.

Then I started seeing Dr. Terry for chiropractic care. I am still in some pain, but able to do things in my life. I can walk 50 min. at a time, sneeze, cough, and turn my head to the left and right without much pain. I can raise my arms to work, cutting hair. I’ve even started jogging. My life has changed!


– Connie J.


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I was introduced to your team back in 2001 when I ruptured L5 S1 disc. I was in horrendous pain, sweating all day, couldn’t walk the length of the dog park. I couldn’t walk beyond a shuffle! I was depressed and didn’t know what to do. That’s when you entered my life—no pressure just magic healing and many evenings of waiting for me to stop crying. Many blessings and many healings later, I have had a normal pregnancy and I skied a black slope yesterday!!!

To newbies of this practice, it’s a little odd being in the room with so many people but amazingly, so Doug listens to your words and remembers what’s important in your world.

Thank you Doug for offering me additional support when my body (back) was in so much turmoil, for letting me know that I had a back-up plan when my back seized up. It’s taken a lot of time and effort and it was worth every evening, every time on that darned traction device and worth every time you nagged me about eating ice-cream, dairy, etc.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for letting me gain and control my life again! Bless you and all those who have supported you!

– Pippa M.


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It’s summer, 1979. I’m in great shape for the shape I’m in. I feel super. I’m walking five to seven miles three times a week and have almost reached my goal weight on Weight Watchers. I’m in control of myself, manage my family and house, dance every week, and substitute teach at grade school level. I have cancer. The surgery was a success, but the part of the patient that was me, died.

What’s wrong? All I can do is eat and sleep. I get up, get my husband fed, pack his lunch, and send him off to work; then I sit down for a few minutes and I’m out cold. My 13-year old daughter gets her eight year old brother up, fed, and off to school; then she takes care of herself. After school I hear them say, “Shhh, mom’s asleep”. After a while my daughter asks, “Mom, are you going to feed us?”. I get supper, get dad off to call a dance, and fall asleep again. I’m sleeping twenty or more hours a day. I have fallen into such a deep depression that I never bathe, brush my teeth, comb my hair, or change from day clothes into night clothes.

At my sister’s suggestion, I see a TMJ dentist who in turn recommends you. You immediately recognize my depression and start treatment. I can’t afford regular treatments, so I only come in every few weeks.

I recover enough from Slumberland to realize something is wrong, but I’m helpless to do anything about it. I’m in Zombieland now. I find myself wandering aimlessly thru stores; standing helplessly in parking lots, unable to find my car; driving up and down streets looking for my house. There is a thick fog everywhere, in my house, outside—no, it’s in my head. My brain is so full of fog I can’t think. My mind is gone. I can’t follow a simple conversation because after hearing just a few words, my mind goes blank and I can’t decode sounds into words. I can’t speak more than one or two words at a time, so I just nod my head and smile. I can’t remember a series of two numbers long enough to write a check. I can’t make any sense out of written words because they are just a jumble of letters.

Following additional treatments, I recover enough to see a world I don’t want to return to. After at least three years of Slumberland and Zombieland, my house is a pig sty. I am suddenly allergic to food, so everything I eat makes me sick or fat. I have regained all the weight that I worked so hard to loose. There is a pain in my feet that is so great I can hardly walk and have to give up dancing. My son, now 11, is in serious trouble. He is drinking, smoking, and experimenting with drugs. My husband, now unemployed, is trying to run the house and rule the kids. His iron hand only causes rebellion and more trouble. I have lost all interest in sex, causing my marriage to be all but over. My husband has moved into the spare bedroom in the basement and will not talk to me. Every time I pop my head out of the hole of despair, he hits me with a cutting remark that smacks me right back down. The mental and physical pain at this point is to much for me to bear. I’m programmed to check out in 18 months. I’ll be 50-years old and my son should be out of high school. My death wish is so strong that my aura frightens little children and they shy away from me.

After learning of my condition, you convince me to come in for regular treatments this time. You have opened a door for me to a big and beautiful world. The fog is gone, I can think in complete sentences most of the time. I’m awake and working about 18 hours a day. My energy level is slowly increasing. Speech is slow to return. I talk in inverted sentence order most of the time and use gestures to express the words that elude me. I still suffer constant pain in my feet and hands.

My death wish still pops up, but it is not constant and overpowering. I no longer frighten little children because my shroud is gone. My brain cells have regenerated to the point that I can deal with the pain and my other problems.

Finally, this last week, a ray of new hope shone through the darkness. I asked myself as I was driving home from work, “What so you want?”. From the deep recesses of my mind a tiny new voice cried out, “I want to live!”. Thank you!

– Margaret


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I’m writing to express my deepest thanks to you for your help with my baby boy’s health. I don’t know if you remember last June of 1992, when I came in with my mother, Janet. We came to visit her from Illinois. My four-month-old son was very, very sick. He had what the doctors called severe reflex syndrome. He was colicky and losing weight rapidly. He cried 24 hours a day. He was taking medication left and right. It was awful.

Then we came to see you with my mother. Thanks to just three adjustments from you, Montana-Ray has been the happiest little boy ever. He didn’t cry or have to take any medication since. He gained all his weight back and has had no more problems. It was a miracle. My doctor was amazed!

Thanks to you and chiropractic, our life is normal again. You’re #1 in our book. I’ve also talked to other chiropractors here in Springfield, Illinois, and told them about you and your technique. I hope to spread the word!

– Jodi M.

Real Reviews from Real Patients

Dr. Lyle, Dr. Duff, and their staff have created a warm, welcoming, “family” atmosphere where healing happens! Both my husband and I have had chronic, and occasionally acute, back pain for years. We saw chiropractors in the past but they were both painful and ineffective. Since our treatment began at Terry Chiropractic we are feeling, and moving, better than ever. We look forward to our visits and to the love and care we receive.
- Gail

After one month of coming in for tractions and adjustments my headaches went away– and now after several months of traction with the spine, the curvature in my neck is back in a normal range.
- Caitlin

I have the pleasure of seeing Dr. Duff and Dr. Natalie on a regular basis. They are incredible doctors that have helped with not only my back problems but also my knee injury. They take the extra step to X-ray and make sure I am given the exact care I need. I highly recommend TCB for all of your health and wellness needs, and like they say, “to make 2020 your healthiest year yet.”
- Shayne

I am already seeing more clearly– I was having incredible challenges with my vision, with my digestion with my brain function and my energy levels…
- Tasha

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