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How does chiropractic help?

Chiropractors are experts in the care of the bones, nerves, muscles and connective tissues that make up about 60% of your body. All of the joints in your body are part of this musclo-skeletal system and its optimal function is necessary for overall good health.[/vc_column_text][mk_padding_divider size=”20″]

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Patients testimonials

I’ve been on a natural high ever since leaving your office today. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me spiritually as well as physically. I could not believe the improvement you have done to my neck and spine. I was totally amazed. It’s the best x-rays that I’ve ever seen in my whole life, especially since I’ve had chiropractic care for over 25 years! I’ve suffered severe lower back pain and headaches ever since Aimee was born. What was most amazing was the space was put in between my spine again! If I hadn’t seen the x-rays myself tonight, I didn’t think it would’ve been possible.

I am so very grateful to have reconnected with you again. I was blown away that you remembered me and my family after 20 years. I feel like I’ve gone to church when I visit your office. I fee such positive, spiritual energy from you, your staff and patients. I feel rejuvenated after each visit.

I will take you up with your generous offer. I, too, would like to finish what we’ve started and get my neck perfectly aligned, provided it will be okay with my boss. She’s been pretty understanding to date. Looking forward to be able to continue being in your wonderful care. Bless you.

– Carol T.


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One year ago today, I walked into Doug Terry’s office after meeting him at a party where he saw from my posture that I needed help. For the first time in my 57 years on planet earth everything in this body works. I never knew! I never had any idea how intense it is to be fully alive. Miraculous! Doug hooked me up. WOW! Every day is a mystical experience and … I can dance longer and harder than I had ever imagined possible. Dance is a big passion in my life and now I can do it round the clock. I could go on and on and fill a book but words can’t explain the experience of being in this body now that it works like it was designed to work. I am so grateful. Thank you Doug. You are truly one of the most loving, caring men I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

– Denus H.


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Thank you Dr. Terry for your care and advice. In 1985 age 53, weight 108 lbs. I fell down 20 hardwood stairs causing a major spinal injury, on top of 3 older spinal injuries that occurred when I was much younger. While in the hospital I was diagnosed with cancer and possibly paralyzation. Underwent 7 surgeries to remove colon polops and vulva cancer. Doctors informed me I would be paralyzed and have reoccurring cancer surgery for the rest of my life. Side effects of cancer drugs treatment were severe. Weight up to 189 lbs. With edema, havoc with my stomach and digestive system, severe headaches, plus could walk only with a walker.

About 12 years ago was in Crossroads Mall with my granddaughter dragging myself around with a walker. We noticed Dr. Terry’s introduction to Chiropractic Care. My granddaughter has Cystic Fibrosis along with all the complications of this condition. Due to back pain, cancer drug effects, use of a walker, and Cystic Fibrosis we decided to call for an appointment. Best decision we ever made. Everyone can benefit from Chiropractic Care.

Dr. Terry welcomed us with care and concern. We began treatments immediately. Started with 5 days a week, then 3 days, now 2 days on a maintenance program. Consistency is the key. A few minutes out of a day to keep scheduled appointments is life saving, I highly recommend Dr. Terry’s Chiropractic Care.

I am 64, weight is 110 lbs. No medications, no cancer, no walker, also changed my diet to a healthier menu. Recovery was rapid and I feel good. My granddaughter is off oxygen and has stopped almost all the medications she was on before completely since she began treatments. She is in college and has a very active lifestyle, plus she is considered a very healthy Cystic Fibrosis patient at Children’s Hospital. This evaluation is because of the excellent care delivered by Dr. Terry.

Dr. Terry’s care, concern, and advice has given us back our lives. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to let you know how much you are appreciated. For I feel that I would not be here today, if not for the great care I have received. Thank you sincerely.

– Juanita F.


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Prior to receiving treatment at Terry Chiropractic, I had been suffering from chronic lower back pain, which in recent years began occurring more frequently– almost on a monthly basis. This would sometimes result from lifting heavy objects or engaging in sports and fitness activities, bust just as often from simple movements such as bending over to pick a magazine up from a coffee table or stepping off a curb. Each time, the pain would leave me largely incapacitated for at least a week. During a particularly painful episode, I sought “traditional” medical attention consisting of a prescription for painkillers and some physical therapy. Although this provided temporary relief, it didn’t prevent my back from regularly giving me problems.

Since I’ve been under Dr. Terry’s care, however, I’ve experienced chronic back pain less and less. On the rare occasion when it does still occur, the pain is much less severe and lasts only a day or two, often going away overnight. There’s no doubt in my mind that chiropractic treatment is helping remedy a condition that no amount of pain pills, stretching exercises and careful movement on my part could alleviate. Thanks to Terry Chiropractic, I’m able to work and go about my normal activities without pain, and without racking up expensive bills from other health care professionals and facilities that couldn’t really do anything to help me.

– Rob R.

Real Reviews from Real Patients

Dr. Lyle, Dr. Duff, and their staff have created a warm, welcoming, “family” atmosphere where healing happens! Both my husband and I have had chronic, and occasionally acute, back pain for years. We saw chiropractors in the past but they were both painful and ineffective. Since our treatment began at Terry Chiropractic we are feeling, and moving, better than ever. We look forward to our visits and to the love and care we receive.
- Gail

After one month of coming in for tractions and adjustments my headaches went away– and now after several months of traction with the spine, the curvature in my neck is back in a normal range.
- Caitlin

I have the pleasure of seeing Dr. Duff and Dr. Natalie on a regular basis. They are incredible doctors that have helped with not only my back problems but also my knee injury. They take the extra step to X-ray and make sure I am given the exact care I need. I highly recommend TCB for all of your health and wellness needs, and like they say, “to make 2020 your healthiest year yet.”
- Shayne

I am already seeing more clearly– I was having incredible challenges with my vision, with my digestion with my brain function and my energy levels…
- Tasha

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