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How does chiropractic help?

The digestive system can weaken, work improperly and fall prey to a multitude of diseases. The job of the chiropractor is to ensure that the stomach and the rest of the digestive system (as well as all the other organs of the body) are receiving an unobstructed nerve supply. This promotes body harmony, enhanced ability to cope with stress and improved resistance to disease.

Patients testumonials

I just want to say “thanks” for all the help I’ve gotten from you over the last 21 months. I can’t tell you enough what a difference in my life coming into your office has made for me. When I first came to see you it was due to pain in my back and the fact that my previous chiropractor was unavailable to help since he was in the process of recovering from very serious back surgery. Initially, the cost and commitment you were looking for from your patients was more than what I expected, but you came very highly recommended so I decided to take the plunge. Looking back now, I can see it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

You fixed the pain in my back almost immediately, and soon I began to see unexpected improvements in other aspects of my health too, especially in the digestive system. Before seeing you I’d suffered for years with serious problems in my GI tract. Despite seeing the best doctors money could buy, taking any lab test recommended, and using several different prescription drugs over an extended period of time; I suffered from pain in my abdomen when I ate, had very fragile health, and the medical doctors had run out of answers (except to keep me one a low acid diet). I was very frustrated and disappointed with the ineptness of traditional western medicine to help me out. Looking back now I strongly believe the drugs I was on actually made my problems worse by covering up the symptoms while the underlying health issue continued to worsen.

The next step of my quest to be healed involved seeing a local AyurVeda medical practitioner who supplied me natural herbs to support the GI tract. This brought me up to a whole new improved level of health, but I still wasn’t all the way back. Something was missing.

I notice an improvement in my ability to eat after the first adjustment with you. You explained to me that I had pinched nerves preventing my digestive system to function properly and that my spine needed to be realigned in order to correct this structural problem. I also had a number of chronic subluxations which no previous health practitioner informed me about additionally adding to my pain and discomfort. Since sticking with your program of regularly tractioning and spinal adjustments over the last 21 months, the difference in my health is like night and day. Not only am I able to eat almost anything, but as a runner I practically never get injured since my entire body has now been put in proper alignment.

Last October I completed the Chicago marathon, but I couldn’t have done it without your help Doug. I’m planning on doing it again next year. My only regret is that I didn’t get started seeing you sooner, because the moment I walked into your office was the first step in getting my health problems behind me and beginning to enjoy life again. I would highly recommend you to anyone who’s life has been taken hostage by an illness that just refuses to go away. Thanks again for giving me my health back!

– Douglas D.

Thank you for generating the healing in my body through your chiropractic treatments. I had visited the doctor numerous times, and was prescribed many of the conventional medicines for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and none of them did any good. The doctor also ran me through a series of tests for GERD with surgery looming as a method of treatment. I had pain and discomfort in my stomach, arms, and chest all of the time, ranging from minor nagging pain to extreme discomfort.

Thanks to your treatment, my energy level has increased greatly, my symptoms are virtually gone, I am not taking any medications, and I am continuing to feel better and better. May God bless you as you continue to do His work.

– Dan A.

I have been coming to your office for a little over a year. I initially decided to try chiropractic because I was out of options. I had been to numerous doctors concerning my chronic headaches that I had been having for numerous years. My doctor had tried to see if they were every different kind of headaches: tension, migraine, tumors, etc. I did MRI’s and CAT scans and nothing seemed to make any difference. I had tried taking heavy-duty prescription pain pills as well as going to physical therapy. The pain medicine didn’t make any difference and the physical therapy was only a temporary fix. My headaches would come back within a day or so of treatment. During this time, I had also been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This was very discouraging. My stomach would always hurt; sometimes to the point of doubling over in pain. I would never have normal bowel movements anymore. It was very discouraging to my life. I would have to leave in the middle of class to try to plan my schedule around when I thought I might have an episode. I often couldn’t plan accordingly and I would be late to appointments and even shifts for work or classes at school. I was at my wits end. I thought that I would have to live with these things for the rest of my life, and I was only 23 years old!

Well, now that you know all the yucky things, let me get to the good part. I started seeing Dr. Terry three times a week. As I consistently went to the office, I learned more and more about what could be causing the headaches and the Irritable Bowel. It did not go away right away, but as I continued my visits, I learned how to manage what was going on in my body. Now, about a year and a half later, my Irritable Bowel is practically gone! In fact, when I do have an episode it is probably about once in a two or three week period. The interesting thing about that is that I have learned what triggers my episodes and as a result, can regulate it better. It wasn’t what I expected either. The strangest thing that I realized triggers it is when I drink any kind of cola. I love Cherry Coke!! But, in order to keep myself healthy, I stay away from it. My headaches have also gone away. As long as I participate in my traction at home and watch my posture, I rarely get them at all. I can’t stress enough how important traction is to your body! I even suggest it to my friends when they have headaches.

I now only come into your office once a week. Through the x-rays that you have taken it has been so great to see my progress in a pictorial fashion as well as feeling it for myself. Thank you for giving me the confidence to do the things I love to do. I don’t have to worry now if there will be a bathroom in close distance from where I am. I don’t have to deal with the frustration of not relieving the pain. Thanks for all your hard work and effort to get me well again. You have been great as an educator as well as a doctor. You have allowed the power of my own body to heal me by the adjustments that you perform. Keep up the good work!!

– Amy G.

The plane was on approach when the warning cramps started. I squirmed and put my hand on my stomach. I must have looked a bit panicked because my girlfriend (now my wife) picked up on it right away. “Are you ok?” “Um…nooo…I think I’m going to have an attack,” I replied. We looked at each other with a sense of “bad-timing”. The seatbelt signs had come on just minutes before and even the flight attendants were locking down. I needed to get to a restroom in the next few minutes but it was not an option. By the time the plane made it to the customs terminal I was in major distress and well past my known safety zone. Another wave of cramps hit and I was suddenly drenched with sweat. When the plane finally stopped at the gate I bolted from my seat in a mad dash to make it to the rear lavatories. Everyone else stood up at the same time. As I fought my back through the confused travelers, a cramp hit me so hard that everything went black. It was like a dark drape was pulled down on the inside of my eyelids and I felt that I was about to pass out completely. I grabbed the seats determined to stay on my feet. The fear of the consequences of going to the floor was enough to keep me upright.

No I wasn’t afraid of flying. We were actually returning from the World Championships of Freestyle Skydiving where I had just placed fourth. My distress was due to a poorly understood disease called Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The symptoms vary slightly from person to person but generally result in painful, post-meal abdominal cramps and, soon after, diarrhea. For me, attacks generally occur within a half-hour after eating. I occasionally have a strange feeling before a meal, but most attacks are surprises. Once one starts there is only one solution; to get to a toilet… and soon. Once evacuated, the cramps stop, and life returns to normal. The next meal may or may not result in a similar episode.

In mid-1997 my IBS attacks were sporadic but increasing in frequency to the point that I frequently didn’t leave the house in fear that an ill-timed attack would put me in a very awkward position. I carried with me a mental map of all the “clean-and-private” restrooms in town that I could get to within a five-minute radius of anywhere that I might be after eating.

Multiple examinations by GPs and Gastric specialists ended with the old, “hmmm… why don’t we try…” prescriptions. I was prescribed with everything from antihistamines for allergic reactions to food types, to anti-spasmodic drugs directed at the smooth muscle of the stomach. No relief. Worse than that, the doctors never once attempted to find the cause of the problem, but instead targeted only symptomatic treatment. I was furious that the goal they were seeking was a lifetime of chemical treatment of my symptoms vs. a hunt for the cause and a cure.

I knew there was no one food or food group causing allergic reactions. The attacks happened randomly with the same or with different foods. I also knew that no anti-spasmodic was going to get into my bloodstream fast enough to squelch an attack within the 5-minute period between warning cramps and a major episode. Even making pills a habitual aperitif was no guarantee that my system could impersonate normal digestion at any given meal. More importantly, I just felt that as a normal person, I should be able to eat what normal people eat; some good, some bad, some deliciously horrible.

I have always felt that I understood the potential of chiropractic, but as a scientist was always disappointed that there are not more refereed publications on chiropractic research. I also still firmly believe than an evil California chiropractor sent me into disk surgery in 1990 after initiating inappropriate treatment before properly evaluating the severity of a herniated disc.

My initial “cautious” conversations with Dr. Doug Terry revolved around my historical back problems, including years of spinal abuse as a competitive springboard diver. My problems with IBS started sometime after my disc surgery in 1990. Thinking back, most attacks did occur after prolonged sitting or particularly rough exercise. In addition to poor posture, and bad sleeping and sitting positions, the x-rays showed displacement in the lower lumbar region, potentially pinching foramen that channels nerves directly to the small and large intestine. Even without published proofs on the ailment, I could see the raw potential of chiropractic here. I started treatment on an aggressive, though admittedly, somewhat experimental basis.

Within the first week of treatment and after a change in sleeping and sitting positions the attacks stopped abruptly. In the last 2 years I have only had what I could legitimately call four attacks, as opposed to two to four per week. Each attack coincided with temporary back discomfort due to strenuous exercise or lengthy sitting. I strongly believe that the combination of stretching, better posture, and chiropractic treatments have been the answer.

This letter is both a testimonial for my particular chiropractic success, and a plea to the scientific chiropractic community to encourage controlled studies. I am hopeful that others may seek and find similar cures. I think that much could be accomplished by dedicated efforts to scientifically prove and publish the validity of these treatments.

– Bill B.

Real Reviews from Real Patients

Dr. Lyle, Dr. Duff, and their staff have created a warm, welcoming, “family” atmosphere where healing happens! Both my husband and I have had chronic, and occasionally acute, back pain for years. We saw chiropractors in the past but they were both painful and ineffective. Since our treatment began at Terry Chiropractic we are feeling, and moving, better than ever. We look forward to our visits and to the love and care we receive.
- Gail

After one month of coming in for tractions and adjustments my headaches went away– and now after several months of traction with the spine, the curvature in my neck is back in a normal range.
- Caitlin

I have the pleasure of seeing Dr. Duff and Dr. Natalie on a regular basis. They are incredible doctors that have helped with not only my back problems but also my knee injury. They take the extra step to X-ray and make sure I am given the exact care I need. I highly recommend TCB for all of your health and wellness needs, and like they say, “to make 2020 your healthiest year yet.”
- Shayne

I am already seeing more clearly– I was having incredible challenges with my vision, with my digestion with my brain function and my energy levels…
- Tasha

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