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How does chiropractic help?

After an automobile accident in which the patient’s condition has stabilized, it is essential that the accident victim’s spine be checked by a doctor of chiropractic for vertebral subluxations. No amount of drugs or therapies will give the patient what the chiropractor can give: the spinal adjustment which realigns the spinal column safely and easily, without drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic effectiveness with whiplash sufferers has long been observed and reported in professional journals. Chiropractic’s superiority was noted in a study published in a major medical journal when, after the authors interviewed 93 patients, they concluded: “Whiplash injuries are common. Chiropractic is the only proven effective treatment in chronic cases.”[/vc_column_text][mk_padding_divider size=”20″]

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​Patients testimonials

I guess it all started back in 1973, although I didn’t know it at the time. Actually, I didn’t know it till many years later. You see, in June 1973, I had a pretty bad accident in my Volkswagen. The impact caused subluxations in my neck, along with a slight concussion and bruised knees. My head and knees hurt too much to worry about my neck. I have since learned it was a big mistake. In 1980, I started experiencing strange symptoms-exhaustion, severe itching all over, and weight loss. Then the lumps in my neck appeared. I decided it was time I did something. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed as having Hodgkin’s disease. The doctors said it was 2nd stage, so my chances of recovery were good. After many months of radiation therapy, I went on with my life. Two years later, it was back. This time, it was in my abdomen. The doctors decided to use chemotherapy. After a year and a half, I wound up in the hospital with an infection the doctors couldn’t find. But, they said, the cancer was in remission again. It didn’t matter that the chemotherapy almost killed me. Well, two years later, it was back again- in almost the same areas. I opted for radiation this time. Again, it went into remission. June 1988 came. I came down with a case of pneumonia. The chest x-rays showed a large dark area. The subsequent CAT scan showed the cancer had returned. My doctor said he could try a new kind of chemotherapy-but I refused. I just could not go through that again. He told me then that there was nothing he could do. I had anywhere from a few months to maybe 2 years on the outside. I was devastated, to say the least. My family was in shock. After weeks of trying to sort out my life, I decided to keep a journal. I had always wanted to be a writer, and I felt that at least I could leave something of myself to my family. One day, I decided to voice a recent prayer I had been saying in my journal. I asked God to show me the way I was supposed to go. I was so confused and depressed. I just could not accept what was handed to me. A few days later, a good friend of mine called after he heard of my illness. He told me about a chiropractor he was seeing in Boulder who was having a very positive effect on cancer patients. All I could say was “you’ve got to be kidding”. He finally got me to agree to go to see this guy-at least once. What I was to find out has totally changed my life. My x-rays of my spine showed extreme subluxations starting in my neck. My chiropractor taught me that subluxations pinch off the spinal cord, which is what carries the life force throughout the body. When the life force is prevented from going to your body, abnormal cells grow. This process takes time; it doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t hit you right away. It was then that I remembered that car accident so long ago. My subluxations started then, and got worse over the years. I started to feel that this was the answer I was looking for. It has been 6 months as of this writing since I had my first adjustment. I’m making great progress, and my oncologist is at a loss of words. He told me I should be having major setbacks by now. I am sincerely hoping that my story might turn someone else around and seek help before it is too late.

– Anni H.


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I’d like to express my deepest thanks to Dr. Doug Terry and the entire family at Terry Chiropractic. In 1989 I was in a 40 mph car wreck and the impact of the seat belt into my chest caused me recurrent pain for 6 years. I had to be careful if someone even hugged me just a little too tight, I would feel pain in my chest and once, I had to go to the emergency room because I was suffering so much. All they did was give me an anti inflammatory shot and, of course, later I was still in distress. I had tried yoga, stretching, and even another chiropractor. But it wasn’t until a friend introduced my husband and I to Dr. Terry that I finally got a chance to heal in less than three months of regular visits. I was able to receive big bear hugs without feeling pain! As it turns out, aligning my spine allowed my body to stimulate its own healing abilities to cure itself.

I think Dr. Terry has been ordained by the Grace of God to do this incredible work. He has generously helped both my husband and I and we are appreciative of the gift of health we received. Not only has Dr. Terry aligned our spines, he has also shared his knowledge of vegan nutrition and super blue green algae and his spirituality has been an inspiration. All of this has been invaluable.

Much love, respect, and gratitude!

– Lisa H.


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At age 16, I was struck by car while on my bike: resulted in broken upper right jaw, dislocated neck vertebra by five and a half degrees (noted by x-ray 50+ years later). For 48 years, there were no serious problems-occasional pain in neck, shoulders, and upper right arm. However in 1988, thing changed;

  • Constant moderate pains in upper right arm, shoulder, and neck.
  • Could not bend thumb on right hand (very painful)
  • Started traction on neck with five pound weight.
  • In 3 months pain in upper right arm receded
  • Shoulder and neck much better
  • Can now bend thumb-NO PAIN!

Apply traction two times daily, 20 minutes each time. Now, X-RAYS SHOW MUCH IMPROVEMENT!!!

– Walt K.


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I was in a car accident on May 23rd, 2006. I would like to explain the car accident to the best of my memory.

We have my x-rays which show which direction my head went, and they show my head went to the right. They are documented with Dr. Terry. Considering I haven’t been crooked before this accident, and I became crooked after the accident, it’s clear where the spinal misalignment came from as you look at the x-rays – the accident.

Sometime around 4 or 5pm, another car struck the right side of our car, toward the back. I was sitting in the front passenger seat on the right. Hence the car came at us from my right and behind me. The direction of the momentum sent our car spinning to the left and back. Due to where I was sitting, and the sudden movement to the left, I was thrown first to the left but did not get whiplash. When the car stopped and sent me to the right, my neck whipped over my seatbelt to the right. Because I got whiplash as the seatbelt yanked at my body (which was on my right) it caused the whiplash and resulting spinal misalignment. But I believe it was because of the momentum of the car and the sudden stop that my head went to the right. In any case, that is where I was sitting– front right –and the car hit us on the right and sent us spinning left until we came to a stop. Somewhere, my head went to the right.

I was feeling no symptoms at the time of the accident, partly because I had just been exercising and my neck and shoulders were loose. But I started feeling bad that night. I couldn’t walk or stand up by 5pm. I just had to lie down. It was strange because right after the accident I didn’t feel bad at all, in fact I had an adrenaline rush. Yet the injury caught up to me as soon as I got home and tried to make myself sit up. I suddenly couldn’t move my shoulders, which ached worse and worse as the night went on. My neck was immovable. Within a week, when I had not improved at all and life was so difficult, I went to Dr. Terry for treatment. Besides his treatment, the only thing I did was stay lying down all day and ice the shoulders and neck for fifteen minutes at a time.

I have felt so much better after several weeks of treatment. The severe pain and stiffness improved over a few weeks, and except for a little tightness and pain, I have gotten mostly better. Dr. Terry says that the pain will continue to go away slowly until it is gone away completely with time. I have been to see him periodically since the accident, this being August 3rd of the same year, and we have made progress not only in relieving symptoms but also realigning my spine to its proper and former position. I still need improved posture to get back to the way I was, and I still have a significant difficulty moving my neck to the left. This means that my neck is still not totally better and back to the way it was. My shoulders feel better, though, and the inflammation, stiffness, and pain have gone mostly away as a result of the treatment.

– Joel W.

Real Reviews from Real Patients

Dr. Lyle, Dr. Duff, and their staff have created a warm, welcoming, “family” atmosphere where healing happens! Both my husband and I have had chronic, and occasionally acute, back pain for years. We saw chiropractors in the past but they were both painful and ineffective. Since our treatment began at Terry Chiropractic we are feeling, and moving, better than ever. We look forward to our visits and to the love and care we receive.
- Gail

After one month of coming in for tractions and adjustments my headaches went away– and now after several months of traction with the spine, the curvature in my neck is back in a normal range.
- Caitlin

I have the pleasure of seeing Dr. Duff and Dr. Natalie on a regular basis. They are incredible doctors that have helped with not only my back problems but also my knee injury. They take the extra step to X-ray and make sure I am given the exact care I need. I highly recommend TCB for all of your health and wellness needs, and like they say, “to make 2020 your healthiest year yet.”
- Shayne

I am already seeing more clearly– I was having incredible challenges with my vision, with my digestion with my brain function and my energy levels…
- Tasha

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