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How to Effectively treat back/neck pain and postural distortions
What is your main area of concern.

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Why Should I have Dr. Terry take a Look at my back?

The simple fact is…

Dr. Terry is one of the few Doctors in the world that has successfully treated the ROOT cause of back/neck pain and muscle tightness.

What is the root cause? DEFECTS IN POSTURE!

We are not talking about the kind of posture you can easily change by sitting up straiter (even though that plays a huge role in the cause of postural defects).

A Postural Defect can be seen on X-ray when a person’s spine is NOT in the normal and correct position.

It has been proven that abnormal posture is THE MAJOR cause of back pain, muscle tightness, disc degenerative disease, and bone spurs in the spine.

Dr. Terry is a part of less than 1% of doctors who utilize the most advanced and proven rehabilitative technique developed through nobel prize research to ELIMINATE postural defects– thus eliminating the cause of pain.

Top Athletes Choose Doctor Terry.

Dr. Terry has been in practice for over 35 years!

His value and unique approach to healthcare has attracted opportunities to be the official chiropractor for elite athletes all across the world.

Although Dr. Terry has worked with world class athletes throughout his career– he has given it up because he gets more joy and satisfaction out of helping people that are in severe chronic pain achieve a pain free lifestyle.

The proof is in the Before and After X-rays

What sets Dr. Terry apart from any other health care professionals is the astounding before and after X-rays of patients.

This is an X-ray of an actual patient from Terry Chiropractic who had terrible back pain due to her scoliosis:

These pictures were taken with the patient standing and facing the Xray machine. The patients hips are are at the bottom and her chest is at the top of the images.

Remember how postural distortions and misalignments are the main cause of back pain? Well on these xrays, the patient’s spine should be aligned with the black line– and as you can see, it is way off on the BEFORE image.

You can see why the patient had lower back pain before treatment and why she did not have any pain after treatment.

What is included in the wellness package:

  • 30 Minute Massage-We hire the best massage therapists in boulder to deliver our integrated massage.
  • Unrushed Consultation- Dr. Terry genuinely cares about each person’s needs and concerns. Attention to detail is a high priority.
  • Chiropractic Biophysics Examination- Experience the most thorough and scientific examinations you have ever had in order to diagnose your specific problems and concerns.
  • Review of Findings- Sit down with Dr. Terry one on one to go over the results of your examination in detail to determine if we can help meet your wellness goals.

After you schedule your wellness package you will Receive a confirmation Email and a call from our lovely front desk associate. She will call you within our next open business hours to address any questions or concerns you may have.

This offer will not last forever.

We receive a high volume of people in our office because of referrals. People love what Dr. Terry does– so they tell people about it!

This will, at certain times of the year, create an extremely high demand for our services. So much so that we are at capacity.

It sounds cliche, but because of this, we are only able to have promotions like this during certain times of the year and they don’t last! So make sure you take advantage of this before we shut it down.

There is no obligation

The worst case scenario:
You pay only $20 for a half hour massage with one of boulder’s best therapists.

In the best case scenario– you find out how you rid yourself of back pain and poor posture forever.

It is our promise that when you come in, there won’t be any pushy sales tactics or sales pitches. We don’t want to sell people– we want to help people.

Therefore there is absolutely no obligation or pressure to do anything other than enjoy your massage.

A Bonus for Fast Action Takers

If you schedule right now, we will include 3 bonuses that you will absolutely love (especially #3):

  • Our top 3 tips to instantly improve your posture- Dr. Terry has been in practice for over 30 years– making him an expert in posture. You will not find these tips anywhere else.
  • A gift card for 60% off your first treatment- This will ensure you are able to get the most for your time spent in our office.
  • 1 Hour massage upgrade- You will receive an extra Half Hour of massage at no cost to you!

Real Reviews from real patients

Kate Houssney
Kate Houssney
23:22 30 Nov 15
Dr. Terry is the most excellent chiropractor and health care provider I could hope for. In addition to correcting my lumbar alignment (as shown by before and after x-rays), he was the first one to figure out I was having thyroid troubles, and has recommended a couple supplements that have significantly improved my energy and hormone levels throughout several pregnancies. The staff is great - all super kind, and helpful with my kids when I am seeing Dr. Terry. Highly recommend.
Jim Jones
Jim Jones
14:35 02 Dec 15
Doug Terry is a chiropractic expert! He has a wealth of knowledge that allows him to create the desired results. I would recommend Dr Terry to anyone. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Reid Bervik
Reid Bervik
14:37 02 Dec 15
Warm, welcoming staff with tremendous insight and knowledge.
Caitlin Guerrie
Caitlin Guerrie
23:01 04 Mar 16
I came into Terry Chiropractic back in September 2015 because I was experiencing headaches about four nights a week, always around 8 o'clock radiating up my shoulder to my head. There wasn't any particular injury I could attribute this to, but my back was achy going sleep every night and I woke up stiff and sore. When I came to Dr. Terry, he informed me based on my X-rays that it looked like I had a healed compound fracture in my neck! Even I could see my neck was in bad shape. I'm a full time graduate student and working part time as a student teacher. This wasn't an easy season to take on another commitment three days a week, but I couldn't imaging going the whole next year with this headache problem and a worsening neck. Within one month of regular appointments, my headaches were gone and I wasn't popping ibuprofen anymore. I continued to come three days a week, working on tractions. As of February 2016, my neck curvature is in a normal range. Over the past months my range of motion has improved and my sleep is much better because I'm not feeling so stiff and sore! (Note: I'm going to try to add the before and after photo of my neck x-rays for anyone interested).
Jarryd Butler
Jarryd Butler
17:46 19 May 16
Dr. Terry and staff are an absolute God-send! I was in a tremendous amount of pain before I visited Dr. Terry. My neck pain was affecting my graduate schooling, work, and daily life. After a few weeks my pain went from 10 to 0. The whole time, Dr.T and staff were very accommodating, supportive, and gave me a sense of comfort and confidence. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Terry!!
Timothy Mohen
Timothy Mohen
17:03 13 Sep 16
Very good service, very comprehensive. only downside is that you wait quite awhile because they are seeing several people at once. they are very smart and seem to really care about what they do.
Alvaro Torrico
Alvaro Torrico
02:55 29 Sep 16
With out your health... You're nothing.
Kayla Clowes
Kayla Clowes
20:41 17 Oct 16
I went in thinking chiropractic care was a joke, but left Dr. Terry's office with a completely new perspective on health and how I was caring for my body. The introduction and first examination were thorough and created a safe space for me to share and ask questions. I love that I left with a deeper awareness of my body and new found rejuvenation. I would recommend Dr. Terry to ANYONE.
DavidJulie Dowen
DavidJulie Dowen
21:19 23 Mar 17
A true blessing to have Dr. Terry. A hard to find gem!
Caitlin Gordon, L.Ac.
Caitlin Gordon, L.Ac.
21:59 29 Jun 17
I've seen a lot of chiropractors and Dr. Terry has been the best experience by far. I love the ease of walking in during business hours, the emphasis on traction (which I believe is essential), and how friendly everyone is. It's abundantly clear that Dr. Terry genuinely cares for his patients.
Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice
18:13 05 Jul 17
A very holistic approach to chiropracty. It isn't just cracking your neck and spine and going on with your day. They provide lots of information and explanations on why theyre having you do what you're doing. Great place and recommend.
amanda bawcom
amanda bawcom
18:17 05 Jul 17
Dr Terry is willing and able to get to the root of your problem and offer treatment options. He and his staff are very caring and committed to helping you.
Jg Mazzotta
Jg Mazzotta
18:18 05 Jul 17
Great service and awesome staff, they helped me get on the right track and cured me of my allergies through spinal adjustment and traction. I hope to go more soon
Alyssa Lynn
Alyssa Lynn
18:21 05 Jul 17
Dr. Terry has changed my life along with everyone that works here! I couldn't make it 3 days without excruciating pain from my scoliosis and now it feels like it's almost never been an issue. I've been coming here for a year and honestly can say I will never stop.
Rudy Diaz
Rudy Diaz
18:26 05 Jul 17
Great care, service and people. I feel good after every adjustment. Dr. Terry is awesome.
Crystal Dady
Crystal Dady
19:39 05 Jul 17
We loved our time visiting Dr. Terry and his staff. The environment is family-friendly and inviting and the staff is knowledgeable. We highly recommend this office!
Jamie Gebel
Jamie Gebel
19:55 05 Jul 17
Dr Terry is so knowledgeable and the most caring practioner I know! This is truly the most unique chiropractic setting that focuses on the long term health of your spine. Such a blessing to have found this place! I would recommend this place to all my family and friends!
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